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Swamp Planet: Carnivorous Plant Invasion


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With a vast oil supply deep below the murky surface, Swamp Planet is a major refuel station for spacecraft exploring the outskirts of the galaxy. But they are being watched. Blacktron, the old villains of classic space, have returned and are determined to claim Swamp Planet to fuel their recently rebuilt space fleet for total invasion of the galaxy. But as they are still too small to conquer the galaxy (let alone a planet), they have turned to other means: launching Genetically Engineered Carnivorous Plant seeds to the planet's surface. Once these plants have fully matured deep in the swamps, they are not the ones you want displayed on your windowsill: these huge beasts can uproot themselves and hunt for prey! Terrified, the entire planet’s population prepares for evacuation, and Blacktron's plan is about to succeed... when new space heroes arrive at the scene: it's the Swamp Planet Squad. Using UV-Ray blasters, and "cutting edge" technology like Chainsaws and Saw Fighters, they are all prepared to face these forbidding plants. But who are these heroes, and can they defeat the giant Venus Flytraps? That is what LEGO builders will need to decide for themselves!

I hope you all enjoyed the story (and creations). Please support!

I think that Swamp Planet would make an excellent set because it's a unique space adventure that offers room for plenty of imagination! A few years ago, I built this as a classic space adventure (I even built a prototype small Carnivorous Plant and Saw Fighter out of physical bricks) but in the end I decided to create a completely new theme since it didn't seem to fit in with Classic Space's exploration centered missions.

For this project, I also propose that there should be a minifigure (or two) and a small spaceship from another space theme refueling on swamp planet when the Carnivorous Plants attack. The theme could be something like Classic Space, Rock Raiders, or a totally new theme! But whatever it is, I think it should be something based more on space exploration.

Thank you everyone for taking time to check out this project! Please feel free to ask me any questions.

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