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I don't think I'm the only one who had this idea. but I like my design!
hope you do too!

I think it will be fun building your own monopoly game before playing it!

To create the board the are 507 bricks needed
The total of brick in the set is 778 pieces
The figures to with are the microfigures in 8 different colors and each with a different hat.
265 bricks are needed to build the houses and hotels

From this angle you see the Prison and the Electric company centered.
Electric Company of course in Octan colors!!

The houses an hotels will look like this.
Just like in the original game.
And the microfigures in different colors all have a different hat.

The go to prison and waterworks tiles

And of course a railway station. With a chance tile (the ?)
The A stands for Algemeen fonds, which is the Community Chest in Dutch :-D
So in English it should be a C

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