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Space Explorers are Back: MISSION to MARS


They're Back!!! 

40 years ago LEGO sent explorers to the Moon.

A long time has passed...

It is now time to send explorers back to space!

It is now time for Mission to MARS!!!

*  *  *

Mission to Mars imagines a science and exploration base on Mars with a spaceship that is capable of shuttling the whole Base to a new location.

This project features:

  • Command & Science Module - operational in space and on land. Fully equipped with communication and scientific devices.
  • Spaceship - operates as a test bed for the experimental Hyper Drive, as well as a shuttle to transport every component of the base to a new location on Mars.
  • Hyper Drive - experimental space engine for exceeding the speed of light
  • Green House - for making life on Mars sustainable
  • RoboWalker - for exploring rough terrain
  • Long Range Antenna - for communication with Earth
  • Robot - for construction, maintenance and heavy lifting
  • Crew of Five Astronauts - Captain Joe, AstroGeologist; Dr. Mary Anne, AstroBiologist; Dr. Plant, AstroBotanist; Lieut. Vitale, Engineer; Lieut. Brook, Pilot.

*  *  *

This project is deeply inspired by LEGO Classic Space. It is about recreating and celebrating its spirit of exploration, imagination, adventure and excitement. It is also about imagining how it might look with today's new parts, colors and advanced building techniques. It is about imagining Classic Space on Mars.

When Classic Space made its debut, I was a young boy. I was so taken by it that I immediately took apart my LEGO harbor with all its ships and cranes and trucks, and gradually rebuilt it into a Moon base filled with landing pads, spaceships and what not...

I've designed and built this project with my young daughter by my side so as to share with her the magic of Classic Space. It was so exciting that soon the rest of the family joined the fun and contributed ideas and constructive criticism. By now the project is tried and tested to be robust and very playable...

I believe my model would make a great LEGO set because bringing together that wonderful spirit of Classic Space with the present human endeavor to get to Mars is just what LEGO is about: imagining, building, playing well...

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All images of Mars, Mars' landscape and The Milky Way are courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell. 

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