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Multi Purpose Spaceship


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This spaceship is used to haul supplies and/or fight in space fights. I built this model with real pieces and then decided to make a model of it in CAD so that I could render clear images because my camera doesn't take very clear pictures. I think this would make a great set, because it would fit in with any sci-fi themed creation or battle scene and doesn't need a license to become a set.
The build is very sturdy at most parts. The cargo boxes do all fit in the back. I wish I could make a door on the back and still keep the same shape, but that is pretty hard to do. The small cones on the rear are rockets for going at low speeds, the big ones for going fast, and both together are for going light speed. The flick missiles go in the Technic pieces on the underside of the ends of the wings. Everything else is pretty much self explanatory in the photos.

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