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Oriental Buffet


About the Model

This gorgeous modular Japanese sushi buffet was designed specifically with the other modular series in mind. Although I designed it to fit perfectly with the Parisian Restaurant, it can be used in numerous ways to fit your layout. I wanted to design a building that would give the impression of the crammed city style restaurants similar to what you would find in NYC or Toronto; something that, by itself looked gorgeous, but when combined with other modular buildings blended well in any setting. After six months of planning, over twenty five seperate online part orders, and numerous hours of building and redesigning, the result is this multi-color ornate marvel.

Play Features

The building itself houses four main sections, including the roof, all of which are jam-packed with plenty of play features. The first floor includes the cashier's desk with slotted card reader, an aquarium, a mop closet, and a bathroom. The second floor is an open concept designed specifically for the buffet and eating area. Along with ornate tiling, the back wall includes a flowing wall fountain. The third floor is crammed with many of the things you would find in an industrial kitchen setting; included are a dishwasher, storage shelf, fridge, and a countertop/stove for cooking.

Minifigures included: Sushi Chef, Waitress, Business Woman, Business Man, Hipster Dude, and Hipster Girl

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