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The BatPlane: ScareCrow Pursuit


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Oh no

Scarecrow is dropping stink bombs all over Gotham City. Put Batman into the powerful Bat-Plane and take flight. Fire the missiles and save the city. Includes Batman and Scarecrow figures with 2 planes and assorted accessories.

Basic description

Figures included are Scarecrow from the Arkham Asylum with new head and Batman with new suit and head, the head is shown (sorry for the ruff looking drawings)

Pieces: 226

Accessories included:

2x Batcuffs

3x Batarangs

2x guns

This could be a cheaper way to get Scarecrow plus a new batman Batman's head will be a similar style to the flash with the Flesh part printed on the black head.

I will reveal the Batman when he is finished

If you want Scarecrow plus a surprise Batman then support today

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