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Dream Theater


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You build me up, you break me down, until I'm falling to pieces

Dream Theater, the OGs of progressive metal, have rocked the prog scene for nearly forty years. Now, they can rock out right on your bookshelf at home! This detailed, Easter-egg-packed stage features your favorite prog gods in Lego form! Pose each of the band members in different locations around the stage, catch references to various albums throughout the band's storied career, and revel in the various play features that this immaculately-detailed set has to offer!


Included in this set:

  • A large diorama-style stage modeled on the Distance Over Time Tour, also featured in Distant Memories: Live in London, 2020
  • A freely-rotating, tilting keyboard for Jordan Rudess, just like the Wizard's real-life keyboard stand!
  • A spinning turntable for James LaBrie, all the better for spinning with the mic stand in constant motion!
  • John Petrucci’s guitar backline and pedalboard, including the metal side-stands for epic soloing
  • Printed backdrop elements featuring the Majesty logo
  • Interchangeable plates with both Mike Mangini’s and Mike Portnoy’s drum sets, to allow for easy switching
  • John Myung’s bass pedalboard
  • Floor wedges for stage monitors


See if you can spot all the hidden references tucked away in the details of this set:

  • The angled stage walls from the View From the Top of the World Tour
  • The printed Distance Over Time album artwork tile, featuring a Lego recreation of the famous logo
  • The skull-and-robotic-arm microphone stand and the stage layout from Distance Over Time Tour, including the Distant Memories album
  • The hanging red banners from The Astonishing Tour, also seen in the music video for "Our New World"
  • James's minifigure torso has a coat similar to Live at Luna Park
  • Printed kick drum heads featuring the "Majesty Test Pattern" seen in the liner notes from A Dramatic Turn of Events
  • A faithful recreation of Mike Mangini's drum layout from the Dramatic Tour of Events, including four kick drums and the overhead cannon toms
  • Printed kick drum heads with the Dramatic Turn of Events artwork featuring the unicyclist
  • Printed kick drum heads featuring the Majesty-logo stop sign pattern from Systematic Chaos
  • Mike Portnoy's Majesty-logo stop sign table behind the drumkit, including the water and blue sports drink
  • Jordan Rudess's keytar and wizard hat, featuring the Majesty logo
  • James LaBrie's pirate hat, also including the Majesty logo
  • An incredibly detailed rendition of Mike Portnoy's "Mirage Monster" kit, featuring trans-clear pieces and interchangeable kick heads


No Lego Dream Theater would be complete without minifigure versions of our favorite prog gods. This set features highly accurate representations of John Petrucci, John Myung, James LaBrie, Jordan Rudess, Mike Portnoy, and Mike Mangini. They can each be posed with their respective instruments or moved around the stage. With this set, hours of play are never out of reach!

Portnoy or Mangini?

With this set, you don't have to choose! This Lego tribute to Dream Theater includes the pieces for faithfully reproducing Mike Mangini's 2011 tour kit (A Dramatic Tour of Events) with the overhead cannon toms and four kick drums. In addition, the set also includes original drummer Mike Portnoy's "Mirage Monster" kit, complete with a detailed recreation of the famous clear acrylic kit. Each kit comes on its own semicircular base, so you can easily switch the drummers anytime you like without reconstructing the whole drum set!

Lifting Shadows Off a Dream

This would make an excellent Lego set for any fans of progressive rock, metal music, or diehard Dream Theater fans, in addition to its innovative build techniques and play features that make it great for any builder. Your vote can take this set from a dream to reality, so don't wait another day! Be sure to vote for this set to become a reality by clicking the "Support" button above, so this set can call you to your home!

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