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The Martian


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The Martian is a science-fiction-meets-science fact novel by Andy Weir, and soon-to-be major motion picture by Ridley Scott, starring Matt Damon.

While the crew of the Ares 3 was on mankind’s third ever manned mission to Mars, disaster struck. On the sixth ‘sol’ (a Martian day), a violent sandstorm forced the team to evacuate. On the way to the launch pad, however, engineer-botanist Mark Watney was hit by flying debris, sending him flying out of sight into the storm. The crew searched desperately until Watney’s vital signs went dark, then reluctantly concluded he hadn’t made it and took off.

Hours later, Watney wakes up, wounded but miraculously still alive. Stranded and cut off from NASA due to an irreparably broken communication dish, Watney has to use his knowledge of engineering and botany, as well as his ever-present sense of humor, to survive on Mars.

Mark Watney’s new home on Mars is called the Hab. Filled with dirt, this Lego version features Watney’s improvised potato farm, farm tools, a computer, and a two-door detachable airlock. The roof also detaches easily for accessibility.

Watney is able to keep the Hab’s systems running thanks to its supply of solar panels feeding it power. This set features three of these essential panels situated on some Mars terrain.

Eventually, Watney becomes the first person to ever reclaim a Mars rover! This Lego replica of the Pathfinder comes with the communications array and the rover itself. Pathfinder features its claw to collect samples of Mars soil and rock, a rotating camera, and dynamic wheel axles to let it crawl over Mars’s rough landscape. The communications array also rotates 360 degrees.

The set would come with two versions of Mark Watney, one in his EVA (Extravehicular Activity) suit, and one in his regular NASA uniform.

The whole set is 608 bricks. Please vote if you’re as big a fan of The Martian as I am! I think everyone who has read it (or seen the movie, soon enough) can agree it would make an awesome Lego set.

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