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V.I.N.CENT returns from the Black Hole !


To continue the Disney Robot theme, travel back in time to 1979, when Disney released "The Black Hole", a surprisingly dark film (sorry).

V.I.N.CENT was the hero robot, taking on and beating the evil Maximillian robot and then making good an escape.

Very difficult to make in Lego as it's shape was mostly spherical, but I've given it a good try to get right. There's four settings for the height of the head (see pics):

  1. Very raised - getting the shock treatment from Maximillian maybe ?
  2. Raised - allows you to rotate the head to any position
  3. Normal - As main photo
  4. Hiding, safe in this mode.

The sides at the arms open to reveal pincers, which are extendable. The 'real' robot also had a few more appendages, but the model is too small to recreate these (such as telescopic legs)​.

It could do with some stickers / printed bricks to bring it to life.

If you like it please support my idea, alternatively wait until Christmas to watch the movie again as it's always on every year, thanks. (it's about 775 pieces currently)

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