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Lego Trabant Universal 1.1


Hello Everyone,

This is an attempt to model a cool, nostalgic car from Eastern Germany, the last model of the Trabant factory in Zwickau. I have created this model as a birthday gift to my best friend who used to drive us around in a car like this in his early twenties. 

As you can see the model tries to catch the style/feeling of some earlier Lego models like the Mini Cooper or the VW camper.
The car features a working steering controlled by the steering wheel, it has two openable doors, an operable bonnet and the third door also opens at the back. There is a fake (but good-looking :D) engine in the front and you can also move the front seats so that some really tiny passangers may be able to get into the back part ;) The back seat can also be tilted, if you need a large cargo space at the back. I have also added a detailed dashboard to help the driver and the inner side of the doors have coloured panels too.

The model is built in a modular way, it can be taken apart in a minute to reach the bare chassis.

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Have a great day and have fun discovering other stuff on this site :)

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