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Lego Modular Post Office

Hello Everyone. Here is my second Lego Modular, The Post Office, with a restaurant . There are 10 minifigures, 2 waiters, a chef, 3 people dining, 2 post office attendants, a mailman, and a person mailing a letter. The first level is the post office and contains a mail room, a screening machine and a desk with two computers. The second level has 4 tables, 3 inside and the 4th one outside, for special occasions. The restaurant has a front desk and a kitchen, which contains a sink, stove, bin, heaps of storage and condiments on the top of the storage. Outside there are express mailboxes and 2 more tables for the restaurant. 3 tiles, which easily clips on, makes the roof. Please support my Lego and any suggestions would be appreciated.

Level 1-The Post Office

Level 2- The Restaurant

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