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Spirit of St. Louis


90 years ago, Charles Lindbergh achieved the first solo non-stop transatlantic flight, from New-York to Paris. After more than 33 hours of flight, he landed at Le Bourget airport, in front of an enthousiastic crowd! His plane, the Spirit of St. Louis has since entered the legend.

You can find more information about the plane here.

The aircraft is about 25 cm long and 38 cm large (approx 1:35 scale). The complete set contains 331 bricks.


  • Three minifigures : Charles Lindbergh, and two supporters at the arrival : a photographer (with his camera) and a woman.
  • Opening on top to access the cockpit, with stick and flight instruments.
  • Movable flaps and ailerons.

I hope you like the Spirit of St. Louis! If you do, please support it!


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