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Fiat 1300 DT [1976]


The model isipired by a tractor from 1976, an italian tractor the Fiat 1300dt; 

Short story about Fiat Tractors

The history of the Fiat tractors start in 1918 with is first tractors , the Fiat 702 who have 70 HP, followed by 702A, B and BN version ; in 1932 Fiat produce the first tracked tractors the Fiat 700C .

In 1944 due to a lack of primay materials the factory was converted into a military workshop for the maintenance of military trucks.

After the second world war, in the first year of '50 Fiat did commercial accords with the french company SICMA; into 1952 the comapany produce the ttractors Fiat 25R  a mile stone of Fiat production, this innovative orange tractors launches Fiat in the European agricoltural sector.

in the 1999 the New Holland L series was substitute by TL series and the Fiat 66 series was substitute with the new New Holland TD series, the Fiatagri, Ford and all minor brand disappear becoming simply New Holland. The heredity of the brands still remain, Fiatagri in the leaf symbol (the logo), Ford in the blue livery and  New Holland the name.


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