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LEGO Zoetrope


Upgrades and New Animation

The Zoetrope has seen some upgrades.

A new motorized base has been added which looks a lot neater than the previous motor unit. Thanks to the LEGO Ideas supporter who suggested it. It still uses a remote control unit as this allows me to wind up the speed slowly, and it also contains a Technic clutch so that I can switch it off without a sudden jolt. 

The actual "idea" is for the simple hand cranked Zoetrope, but this motor unit is designed to interface with the basic stand without interfereing with the look, and is helpful for shows. 

And also unveiled at the Bristol Brick Show 2018 was a new "skipping child" animation!

 Watch the video!


New Animation!

Thank you to all who have supported the Zoetrope!

I have worked on a new animation. A classic zoetrope galloing horse. See it working in the video.

I have also updated the decoration on the outside. It now frames the animation and doesn't interfere with it. 

And finally, see the picture of it's outing at the Great Western Brick Show at STEAM in Swindon. 


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