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Modular Police Station

UPDATE 17/05/2012 extra images HERE!
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UPDATE 14/05/2012 NEW ROOF TOP SEARCH LIGHT (main picture)
This is my Modular Police Station. We have had the Fire Station but no Police to manage law and order.
As you can see in the picture above, it fits in really well with other modulars. I chose to build it in blue, white and grey. These colours work well together but also depicts many police forces around the world in some way or another.
Although its a modular building it still has playability just like the other sets. Please see below for more details of whats inside and other features of the set.

Front and side view. I will update this picture shortly. Some exterior features include:
Radar and telephone masts/dishes
Guttering and drainpipes
Security camera.
Roll up and over garage door.
Fire escape at the rear.
Dog quarters and dog at the rear.
Flags, litter bin and exterior lights.

The ground floor features a front reception with seating and a drinks dispenser. Behind reception there are filing cabinets, computer, clock etc. There is also a cell/jail for any trouble makers which has a bed and a toilet.
There is a covered parking bay with the police van inside and a side door leading into the police station for the prisoners to be booked in. You can also see the police dog quarters with his own kennel.


The first floor features an interview room with tape recorder and overhead light. At the front is the photo and finger print room. The room to the side is the lab which features a sink, mircoscope, test kits and computer with cupboards underneath.

The second floor is the control room where it all happens! There are 4 desks with screens and computers monitoring your modular town. The all important toilet with sink, toilet and toilet paper on a roll, and a locker room with a small kitchen.

Here is where in the event of a fire these guys can escape. This room sits behind the ornate arch at the top of the building. There is a working pull down ladder which enables them to get onto the roof and escape down the fire escape stairs at the rear.

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