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Lego Themed Vinyl Records

What is this set?
Well, these are 3 vinyl records with their own album cover (where you can place the record in), and its wooden bin, where all 3 records fit in, each album has its own theme, which represents each amazing thing LEGO brought to our lives such as opening more our imagination, not giving up on what you are building and the happiness LEGO sets bring to us. You can keep these in your room, in a shelf anywhere in your house, or wherever you want to keep them! These will look amazing wherever you place them!
The set consists of 2569 pieces.

City Album
The city album represents all the possibilities you can create. It also represents how we can open our imagination and everything you can build and create only if you imagine.

Garden Album
The garden album represents all the happiness and laughs and joy LEGO bricks bring to us by building, playing and spending time with the people you love.

"The Brick" Album
"The Brick" album represents all the bricks you can use in order to create anything you want: from a bird, to a planet; from an ant, to a tiger; from a leaf, to a landscape, just by using LEGO bricks.

Music represents something in our lives, LEGO does too. Just imagine.

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