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Be Funny Now!: The Main Stage

This set is based off of the hit video game created by Jack Douglass, better known online as "Jacksfilms", called "Be Funny Now!".

Now, I have made a set for this game before, but it was more based off of the beta build. This one is way more reminiscent of the final product. A "Mark II", if you will.

I created this set based off of my love of this game, and the wonderful people I've come to know through it. And they have been nothing but supportive of this idea, too. In fact, the idea of a set like this has gotten enough traction online to reach Jack himself. Saying on one occasion; "Genuinely so impressive".

  • Includes a build of the main stage
  • Includes an "Art Board" for the artistic prompts in the game
  • Includes a microphone on a stand, present in the actual game
  • Includes a plaque sporting the game's logo, as well as the reaction buttons above it.
  • Includes a minifigure of the game creator's avatar, Jacksfilms.
  • Includes 2x of the Golden Roses & Tomatoes
  • Includes a Display of the "Golden Armor", which you obtain by playing the game's "Daily Question" mode.

I do believe this would make a great set because of the simplicity, and the fact that you don't really need to know his content to understand it. Which is also similar to the game in that way.

I really do hope that this version will be able to hit that 10K mark, and honestly, I think it can. 🌹

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