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Pirate Island - Pirate Lady‘s Wreck

This is a small, but detailed pirate island. Somewhere, in a tropical ocean, the pirate lady capsized with her little pirate boat. Now she is lonely on that rocky island, just with the wreck of her boat and the skeleton of her dear friend, the pirate captain. Till now, she survived because of the coconuts from the big palm tree, which also shades her temporary shelter. Luckily the sea is quite quiet and she does not have to handle storms! Hopefully her pirate friends will save her soon!

I have built that set as my second moc, because I bought some transblue parts because I had that feeling that I would need them. As I had them, I wanted to use them, and so that island arised. I just love palm trees and mysterious wrecks and really wanted to build both, so I did, and I really think they fit the landscape! This build was great fun and I enjoyed it so much.

I think it would make a cool LEGO set beacuse pirates are always great LEGO figures and they sholud be more present in sets. I also think that the set would make on the one hand a great display item, but you also could be use it to play with. Islands and tropical sea offer great colour composition possibilities. It just would be great to have pirates back in the LEGO wolrd!

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