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Cliffside Temple

Located at the edge of a cliff, this LEGO Japanese temple is 3 stories tall and includes a tatami mat room, a tatami dining room, and a dojo. Growing on the side of the cliff is a Sakura Tree (Cherry-Blossom) common in Japan.

- Zen Master
- Martial Art Student
- Two Geishas
- Temple Worker

Temples in Japan (寺)
There are over 180,000 temples and shrines in Japan. The oldest Japanese temple is known as the “Gango-Ji Temple” and was built in 588 A.D.
Most Japanese temples burn incense in large metal urns, giving the surrounding area a sweet, smoky smell - thought to heal the body and mind.
Japanese temples are usually surrounded by lush gardens, filled with ponds, flowers, trees, bridges, lanterns, and gates, ranking these temples amongst the world's most beautiful spots.
Since Japanese temples are often built at the edge of mountains, it is common for hiking trails to be found at the back of it, sometimes leading to small shrines and temples higher up in the mountains. 

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