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Classic Space Monorail


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Zoom across the surface of another planet! Drop off the space workers, unload the supplies and move on the the next colony!


The Model

This monorail train features a locomotive with opening cockpit, a small flatbed car, and a larger wagon with passenger cabin. There are a seven opening storage compartments and three pieces of cargo: a gas tank assembly, a crate with minerals and a biocapsule. Three figures are included: a train driver and two space workers.

The train runs on the rollercoaster track system (ladders and brick-built bogies are placeholders), the cars have a 4-stud-wide base. The model, as shown above, contains 536 pieces.

The Idea

I discovered the fan-favorite monorail system of old (as in 6991: Monorail Transport Base) on a fan convention, when I was a kid. I was fascinated! What's so compelling about monorails, and which sets it apart from the ordinary railway system, is three-dimensional transport. Any self-respecting sci-fi city has multiple layers of roads, rails and walkways above each other, and the monorail takes you from ground level to ten stories high!

Building a monorail system yourself, without using the original LEGO monorail track pieces, takes a lot of skill and a lot of bricks. However, with the introduction of the rollercoaster track system (see 70922: The Joker Manor), my childhood dream - having a monorail going all across my LEGO world - is closer to coming true than ever. In a few years time, I may be able to get all the parts I need from various sets to make this model in real life.

But, I think the monorail deserves a set of its own!

Who is this for?

Maybe you have the same dream as me? Maybe you are a space fan in general? Or, more specifically, a fan of Classic Space. You may be a collector of anything monorail, or just an ordinary train fan looking for a new experience. If you are any or all of these, then you may be just the one I need! 


Of course I will update my project if the rollercoaster elements get added to LDD, but other than that I consider adding structures and decorations. If you want to spread the word about my project, or you have any thoughts, suggestions or tips you want to share, please don't hesitate! 

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