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Home at the "Small Lake Park"


Here is my new LEGO Ideas project, it is the biggest I have built until now and it's built on a baseplate 48x48. It's a family house with garden near a park, which I have called "Pond Park" for the presence of a pond. My project also includes a blue car, with a silver frog on the bonnet, used as a decoration. It includes ten minifigures, including an elderly man, an elderly woman, the family residing in the house (starting from the left, the second, third, and fourth minifigures), a pizza deliveryman, a man, a girl, a child, a boy with a skateboard.The park includes several trees, a table for pic-nics, a pond and two white stone benches. The house is reached by an irregular road made with small stones.

The family house has three floors. On the first floor there is the kitchen, a table with a vase and flowers, a shelf, a bookcase, a piece of furniture, an armchair, a TV and two lamps. On the second floor, which is reached by a spiral staircase (I particularly like it), there are the bedroom with a framework and a double bed, and the bathroom, with a toilet and a sink. On the second floor, in addition, there is also a balcony. On the third floor, under the roof, there is instead a office, computer, chair, mug for coffee, and several boxes and a chest of drawers. The project is built with 2678 bricks. I am happy that my fifth project, it is definitely better than the others that I've done, and I think that you think this. I think that this would be a great idea for a LEGO set, and I think it would be fun to build my project; I added, in fact, particular construction styles... If you think that this would be a great LEGO set, well, then I hope in your eventual support!

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