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Brick Model / Ornament / Sculpture / Display


I didn't Click Insert

I didn't realise I had to click insert. Thank you for pointing it out.

Picture shows another arrangement and the un-built bricks.

Going to work on a new base now.

Another Idea I forgot to mention is to include a decal on the tops of the studs to represent the LEGO name on real bricks. I thought this would give the set some nice unique parts. 





here is a bit of an update and more pictures.

There are 36 different Bricks in this model and a total of 138 bricks. Plus the base plate.

I was thinking the base plate could be replaced by a version more like the Architecture models come with, or even something with a drawer to keep the spare studs.

Need to work out how to get some more support. Surely everyone here is a fan of LEGO and a fan would want a brick to display wouldn't they?

Thanks Everyone so far.