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Starlight PA48 Passenger Car


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When the Spark Industries founded, and started to design trains, the Starlight line was the first idea.It will contains an engine of course (first release, Starlight ENE 24, running project on ideas), and 2 type of passenger cars. The main design elements:

- recognizable, unique look

- well blended modern and tradicional lines

- keep it as simple as possible for real option to use the products in the existing city theme

So, after the release of ENE24, this is the first type passneger car, Perfectly matching design with the engine.

Features of Starlight PA48 set:

- 6 studs wide and 86 long

- 3 segment

- 4 bogie: 2 articulated and 2 standart

- it can roll on all real lego tracks

- 2 openable door (middle segment)

- 6 passenger

- giant windows

- 1250 parts 

Please support this car if You like it, and to motivate the workers of Spark industries for keeping the good work!

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