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Battle Of Castles: A Tale Of 2 Kings

Our Lego Set comprises of two medium sized castles and opposing fighters. It is built with vintage Lego parts found in Victor Grandmother's house in Burgundy, France (therefore some fighters could be improved with access to other parts). 

On the left, the proud knights of the Golden Throne (yellow / grey / black). The castle has a yellow / golden room for the throne (inspired by Charlemagne's palace in Aachen) and shields with coat of arms, a jail, a shelter in the courtyard, a small tower and an impressive fortified gate. The fighters are mostly blue and the king is black and yellow with a crown. 

On the right, the Dragon's Lair (red / black / grey). The castle as a throne, gothic roofs, a supsension bidge on the back, an iron main gate, a ghost and two traps (one on top you can open to throw arrows at the ennemies, one on the back on the ground to secretly flee). 

We built this set just because kids LOVE knights, arrows, swords and battles! And one need at least 2 castles and 2 armies to properly entertain oneself!

The design is based on similar colour as a base (grey and black) with one additional color to give each fortress carachter (yellow vs. red). The Golden Throne Castle has a regular shape, execpt for the throne room which has a baroque design. The Dragon's Lair Castle has an irregular shape, with rocks in its base, angular corners and gothic roofs.

With two opposing castles, that would make a nice and rather big (but under 3000 pieces) set! 

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