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31 comments is an exciting Technic robotic arm capable of four motorized functions: a Swiveling base, a Tilting body, an Extending boom, and a Gripper. All four functions are powered by a single XL motor at the base. This design helps lighten the model and also minimizes constraints related to wiring.
The upgraded model includes an L motor at the base to power the shifter (which toggles between arm functions). As a result, the model can be operated remotely via Bluetooth and the play experience is greatly enhanced.
An extra effort was made to maximize range of motion for the four arm movements: the base can be rotated through 360°, the vertical drum (controlling pitch) can be rotated through 360°, the boom can be extended up to 25 studs, and the gripper can be opened more than 180°. will provide a very satisfying experience for fans of Technic Lego as it showcases a wide variety of building techniques. 

Further information regarding the model is available here:

The YouTube video for the upgrade:

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