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The Rocket Assignment

For as long I can remember I always enjoy seeing school based set like the Friends school and the Newbury Haunted High School. I enjoy seeing these is because I can connect with me in my time high school and middle school, but something I never seen in these sets that I could have a bigger connection with is the student minifigures doing assignments or projects.This is the reason I built this small build of mine, I made it to show minifigures doing a common project done in schools. Back in elementary and middle school my two schools did a rocket launching project on the field and doing these projects gave me the inspection to build this.

Build info:
I feel like this can be a great set is because this build has a fun little play feature and would make people have a connection towards it because of there time in school. The entire build it built on a single 16x16 base plate. The are the rockets are being launched on is a kick ball field with a fence surrounding the field. The build has three minifigures a teacher and two two students. This build has a working launching play feature where the rocket is put on the axel rode, where it's now on top of the launcher, and then push on the launcher to launch the rocket. 

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