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The Prismatic Geyser

May I present, the Prismatic Geyser. This is a geyser/hot springs model largely inspired by both the Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. Geysers are some of the most fascinating features of our planet, some geysers can shoot jets of water up to 300 ft (91 m). It's primarily a display model, but does have a function to remove or add the column of steam and water that characterizes geysers. It also includes minifigures and a viewing platform.

I like LEGO builds with many colors, transparent pieces, and excellent display value. I wanted to build something that employs those elements, and I also wanted it to be based on an environment found on this planet. While looking through some of Earth's most beautiful biomes and landmarks, a picture of the Grand Prismatic Spring caught my eye immediately. I decided to use that as inspiration. As humans, I think we haven't been taking care of our beautiful planet enough, and I wanted to kind of highlight some of the most gorgeous elements of Earth for the next generation of LEGO consumers.

This model would serve as an incredible LEGO display piece, and would appeal to older and younger customers. While like most LEGO Ideas sets it would be targeted at an 18+ audience, I made sure to make the build relatively simple so that younger LEGO fans could still appreciate it. Every person should be able to recognize the beauty of Earth, even if they live in a big city where there isn't much natural wonder to cherish. This set would be like a little reminder that theres something more out there and it's worth going there to see it for yourself. It's not a minifigure-centric set, however there are two guests, a mother and a daughter who are admiring the hot springs which could connect with consumers who have been there themselves even further.

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