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Perry the Platypus (LEGO BrickHeadz Style)

Is that a platypus with a grappling hook?..Perry the Platypus with a grappling hook! And a remote control? And coffee? Hmmm...and he can take his hat off?..Wait!..Where's Perry?
Phineas and Ferb is one of those rare shows that people of any age can enjoy, and Perry the Platypus was one of my favorite characters. I wanted to see if I could build a small model in the LEGO BrickHeadz style that had a moveable tail and a fully removable hat. Why a removable hat? Well, if you know you know, and those scenes are some that make me laugh the most. Just pop off the three little hairs from the top of his head, and the hat fits securely on the top of his head. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed building. Thanks!

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