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"Gecko" Gladiator Mech


Please Support This project!

Hello everyone! recently I dicovered a project that is super awesome, but only has about 5 days left! It is currently at 97 supporters! 97! Please go check this out and support it if you can. Here's the picure:

I cannot find paste the link for some reason, so just use the tag "beowolf"

Thanks everybody!


*BIG UPDATE* Close up details

This update was reqested by one of my supporters. The mech had actually been partially destroyed by my cat. I took the time to fix the back and update the overall model. Hope you like the model, and here are the descriptions of the pics


This is just a picture of top open. Because it is on a lego hinge 1x2, it cannot open all the way, and a peice of the top must be removed for full access. This is somewhat of a annoyance, but other lego models have had this funtion so I left it.


Top view of the cockpit.


As you can see, the cockpit is slightly snug, however this is also a nice detail because the minifigure can slip right in.


Using a little bit of clever building, I was able to attach the huge sword to the back of the mech. You may also notice the yellow things.I can't decide whether these are just fuel tanks or some kind of jetpack. xD


Just a little place to store the pilot's backpack.


Pilot's back and front.

I hope this was informative and helpful, and keep on Building!