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Mega Man: Dr Wily's Castle


Update 6

Hello, I am making this update to tell everyone that i am still updating the project and i am open to any suggestions as well for the set.


Update 5

Hello, its been long but I have some photos you may like to see on the progress of this project


Update 4

Hello, long time no see I have been making some modifications to the castle that will be coming very soon so be ready.


Update 3

Hello, this is just a update on what i am doing now. I am currently making new robot masters such as Bright man, Air man, and Hard man. if you have any suggestions for new robot masters, or in general anything to add to the project make sure to comment.  


More robot masters

Hello all, this is an update that includes the following robot masters: Heat man,Needle man, and Spark man. Hope you and enjoy the update and remember, spread the word about the project, thanks.


Robot master minifigures

Bomb man, Cut man, and Fire man minifigures, more on on the way.


Proto man and Mega man

New proto man figure with mega man



i am adding minifigures, as many of you requested, more will be on the way


Happy mega man day

Mega Man was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987 december 17th and was the first in a game series that expanded to over 50 games on multiple systems

Happy mega man day all.


Castle updates, yes i finally added the pipe

slight modification to the castle model including a new piece count of 800 parts + figures.


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