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The Old Abandoned Treehouse

This project is a LEGO treehouse that has been left abandoned for decades. It is very rustic and is overgrown with plants and fungi. It is also home to many creatures including a chameleon, a rat, two snakes, two frogs, and two spiders. A car has been left to rust away in the dirt and vegetation. The ground is dry and rocky. Tree branches and trunks stick out of the dry ground lifelessly. A box of treasures has been left by the treehouse. Inside we see a coin and a bone, and contents that were littered onto the ground from the box include an ammonite fossil. Scattered about, underneath the treehouse, we find signs and wood planks left to decompose. In the treehouse, there is moss covering the floor. The rope chain that leads up to the treehouse is connected to an old wheel, that looks to be off of a ship. A book, which seems to be an old journal, sets within the moss. The boy In the scene is a curious young fellow. He is exploring the treehouse to discover and uncover its secrets and history.

I was inspired by me and my sister’s treehouse which is located in the woods at my grandparent’s house. We have loved playing in our treehouse or “tree fort” as we call it. We love exploring the woods and finding “treasure” to bring to our fort. We have even made our own furniture for our fort using resources that we have found up in the woods. We have played up in our tree fort since it was built when I was about seven or eight years old, and have had fun every time. 

I think that this LEGO Ideas project would make a great official LEGO product because it is a relatable scene from a lot of people’s childhoods. A lot of people had treehouses back when they were young. They are such a blast to play in, and such a blast to even initially build them. This project would help people to remember the good old days when the world was not dominated by electronic game systems and handheld devices. 

Thank you so much for checking out my project. I hope you enjoy it. (:
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