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Hi, all!

I ain't English native, so please bear with me, ok?

Here I am with another Microfighter project and this time is the INCOM UT-60, better known as the U-Wing. After seeing the Rogue One trailer when it was released, I started to work on the U-Wing project right way and I had it almost done in early August, but vacations got in the way (family comes first) and that's why I'm only presenting it to you now. It's inspired in what is seen in the trailer and some pictures from this site: and not on the Lego 75155 set which, by the way, I still don't know if I like it.

The INCOM UT-60 U-Wing is and I quote "a troop transport and gun ship, so its there to bring in rebel troops through heavy fire zones and get out as quickly as possible. The wings move depending on the situation. Its there to drop off troops and provide air support."

Like every Microfighter project I do, I had some goals and features which were: Playability; Sturdiness; 100 pieces goal with a 105 limit; Folding wings; Opening landing doors; Similar to the original and look good. :) . With 105 pieces, all the goals were met, although the "look good" part is somewhat subjective and subject to ones opinion. One feature that wasn't planed is the possibility to change the open wings angle, by moving the nozzle to the back if someone likes it better that way.

For rotation of the wings I tested alot of solutions (technic pieces were all off scale) and ended up by using a 1x1 plate with holder and a 1x2 plate with hook, and although it was functional and somewhat sturdy, it didn't looked that good, so I when old school... 2 pieces grabbing 1 piece, using only 1 stub. It looks good, more sturdy than the other solution and very functional.

The opening landing doors (or ramps) unlike what I though, it was not a slam dunk case and after some testing I ended up using 2 2x1 plates with holder vertical, with the side bonus of opening just one of them (for added protection for the side gunner/s) when the ship is in air support mode.

On a side note I have to say that using bright blue wouldn't have been my first choice (I rather have used sand blue), but one of the goals were "Similar to the original", right?

Comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome and I also hope you like it and support it. If you do... Thanks!


PS: To whoever says this or other project, mine or not, has to many knobs showing, I say this:

THIS... IS... LEGO!!!



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