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Lisboa Torre de Belém


World Patrimony Torre de Belém


Placed in Lisbon (Portugal) the Belen Tower is one of the Portuguese seven wonders and it was classified by UNESCO as mankind world patrimony.

Its one of the most important monuments in the capital (Lisbon) and it’s considered the identity and the symbol of the city.


Today it can be visited in one of the most popular and beautiful areas in Lisbon, but in the past the Tower was build in the right hand side of the river Tejo margins next to the Belen beach and it was surrounded by water.


With the time, the river pushed the sand all over the Belen Tower witch made the beach increase in its size towards the building.


This monument it’s from Manuelino style and it’s decorated with Portuguese symbols and blazons, its architecture stand up for its extravagancy witch was a style of life in its time, in the beginning of modern age when Portugal was one of the most important economy’s in the world with its trade-in’s and colonies.

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