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Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed


Here we are finally in the ring with Rocky and Apollo! Loving Rocky movies a lot I had the idea to represent with these fantastic bricks one of the most important scenes of the saga, the mythical encounter between Apollo Creed, the heavyweight boxing champion and Rocky Balboa a boxer from low Philadephia funds. After making the model, my little cousins were enthusiastic about it and immediately started to play with the minifigures of the two boxers in the ring ..! So I thought to propose it on lego ideas for all fans of the film like me, and for all the dads who want to know the fantastic saga to their children in a fun way.

The set consists of the ring and minifigures of:
Apollo Creed (heavyweight boxing champion)
Rocky Balboa (Philadephia boxer)
Mikey (historical trainer of Roky)
Tony (Apollo coach)
Lu Filippo (Referee of the match)
all enclosed in about 420 pieces.

If you too would like this set to be produced in order to recreate the encounter between the two boxers
leave a vote to support it! Thank you

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