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The House of Pegasus

The Order of the Guilded Pegasus (aka Golden Stallions) knights come here to pay respect to Pegasus before their departure for adventure. Stallion magicians study ways to summon the power of the mythical creature in order to use it for war and to achieve prosperity. In case of an attack, valuable objects or people can be hidden in the secret compartment under the building.

This build has a medieval/castle theme orientation but with a different approach, since it's not a castle or a village building but a tribute site featuring an original faction. It would be a good set because it tells a story while featuring unique pieces such as the golden ponies, golden door, custom shields and the golden Pegasus statue. It also has a good playability to it apart from being a nice display piece. All this while keeping a rather low piece count.

Hope you enjoy the creation! Stay tuned for more!

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