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Fairy Flying Castle


This and the other mine projects were born from my passion for LEGO CASTLE sets and for the fantasy world.

My ideas come from what I would like to see on toys shop’ s shelves to implement my collection.

This set is built using LDD and represents the Fairy magic manor built on a flying island.

The flying island is made of stone and to keep it suspended over  the terrain are used a transparent columns (in this way the castle seems like really flying-Pic. 1) and a water fall that, coming from the island, falls down on the terrain below (Pic. 2-3-4).

From the transparent column it is possible to move a griffin that is make able to fly around the column over the ground (Pic. 5-6).

The griffin is a magic animal that has got the body of an horse and the wings and the head of an eagle, and usually the colour of its coat is brown and white. It’s a very big animal, strong, brave and wild, and the magic people like fairs sometimes use it like a flying vehicle (Pic. 11).

The castle, surrounded by many clouds, is built with a big central tower with a conic blue roof and other protruding little towers (Pic. 8-9).

Inside the tower there are two little rooms, one with a wood shelf  inside (Pic. 10), full of magic potions and pots, and the other one, in the first floor, with a magic sphere inside it.

Outside the castle there is a little garden with an apple tree, kingdom of the fairy’s white cat, and a rose garden (Pic. 7).

The only minifigure in this set is the Fairy (Pic. 11) and there are two animal figures: the white cat and the owl.

The set is made up of 787 bricks.

If you trust that this project could be reality, 10.000 thanks to you for your vote! Enjoy!

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I hope you like this project and any feedback is appreciated. If interested please check out my other projects and support if you like below:

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