Product Idea

Medieval Theatre

Hi lego fans this is a new big project which contains a total of 2037 lego pieces : this is the Medieval Theater. This set is based of a lot of medieval pictures I saw : that's why I created this lego set. It contains the theater building, the lego gate, the carriage, and a lot of mini figures. The platform is composed of three floors, in which you can place the lego figures. The lego figures are :

  • three knights
  • the king and the queen
  • the princess
  • the merchant
  • two actors playing the theatre play
  • and three other minifigures.

The goal of this set is to create a realistic Theatre building with lego figures, in order to complete a building collection! If you are at least 1000 supporters, I will create another medieval building.



You can find here a part of the lego figure of this set.

Please show your support and share the project with your friends and family! If you like this, please support this project!