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Tock! - the new LEGO game

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This is the LEGO version of the game in the UK known as Tock, as in Germany where it is also known as Dogspiel and in the Netherlands called Jackeroo or Keezen. The game is based on the Indian game Pachisi. The original Tock game is played with cards, but the LEGO version is ofcourse played with the famous buildable LEGO dice.

The game is for 4 players who can play individual or as a team of two. You can also create a game for 2 or even 6 players.
The aim of the game is to get your microfigs home. If you play individual you win by getting all figs home first. If you play in teams you have to get your figs home first and then you have to help your partner to get her or his figs home too. The team who gets all figs home first wins.

A team can only be at opposite sides of the board.
With 4 players the teams are yellow/red and green/blue.
With 6 players purple and orange form a team too.

You build the board with ready build board parts on the 6 octagonal 6 x 6 plates. You have corner parts (one for each player in yellow, green, blue and red), one-field parts (6 x light grey tile on 2x6 plates) to connect the boards. Extra are the 2 rectangular board parts (purple and orange) used in the 2 or 6 player version.

The dice is build with 12 tiles each representing a posible move.
You move your Microfigs by throwing the dice and choosing either one of two (or in two cases three) possible moves per side of the dice. Each move is based on a playing card (Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 to 2).

You can kick other players off the board by ending your turn on an occupied space. A kicked fig needs to be returned to the player and has to start over. Once a fig is home it cannot be kicked off.

In the home you cannot "jump" over your figs. You have to play them in one by one or move them forward once inside.

You can build the dice with the 12 tiles provided as you see fit. Each tile represents a move.
You must make a move and can only skip if there is no possible move.
This is only the case if you do not have any figs on the board or figs that are home cannot be moved further. Also figs on the start position of a player (same color) cannot be passed.

Possible moves (see image above):
- Put a new own fig on the board or move a fig on the board one place forward.
- Put a new own fig on the board or move any fig 2 places forward.
- Move a fig 12 places forward.
- Switch two random figs (own and/or opponent and/or teammate) from place. It is not allowed to switch figs on the start position of a player.
- Split move in 1/6, 2/5, or 3/4 and move two figs forward.
- Move fig 4 places backward.
- Move fig 10, 9, 8, 6, 5 and 3 places forward.

More information, indepth explaination of rules and gameplay are to follow if you support my project. I will reveal a secret variant when I have 100 supporters! There are also rules to make the game easier for starters or young players and harder difficult rules for more experienced players. These will follow too once I have 200 supporters. So are you curious? Support me!

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