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Lisa's Florist


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This is my project, Lisa's Florist. Its a two floor building with roof access. 

The first floor is the florist shop. The outside is symmetrical, a crate of flowers either side, a rose either side and a sign in the middle with flowers above. There is a welcome mat on the outside and on the inside there is a mat prompting people to visit again. The door has a no smoking sign and an open/closed sign either side of the door. Inside the store, in the middle there are two tables with a bunch of flowers on. Both sides of the shop have shelves with gifts on and to the right of one of the shelves is a statue. The back left of shop has a cake display. There are stairs at the back of the shop leading up to the apartment and at the bottom of the stairs is the cash register.

Up to the apartment. This is a small apartment so I wanted to keep space in mind and I think the way I have made this apartment shows that. The back wall of the building extends a little further so that you can access the stairs through the door, but also there is a shower/bathroom behind the door to the right. in the middle of each door is ladder leading to the bed and dressing table. the bedroom is one build that sits on top of the wall. As you come into the apartment you see the kitchen first with a fridge, a set of cupboards and an oven/hob.  To the right of the wall is a T.V. and a couple of chairs. Next to them is a desk with a computer and a chair. 

To get to the roof you have to climb up the ladder in the bedroom which takes you to a lift up door. On the roof is a couple of deck chairs and an umbrella. There are also a couple of boxes with a few carrots growing and another with flowers growing. 

There are four figures in this, shop owner, teen helper and an elderly couple.

I really hope you like this project and if you do I hope that you support this project. Thank you.

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