Product Idea

LEGO Technic Volkswagen Phaeton 6.0 W12


Hello all and welcome to the prototype of my VW Phaeton W12 LEGO Technic Supercar.

I decided to built a car with a lot of functions. The question for me was: Which car i should built? It must be a car with a powerfull engine, a lot of technic and a good quality. A Sportscar was to compact for the technic parts i wanted to use. So I take a look in the garage and I found my VW Phaeton W12. This car has an real big engine, more technics like a lot of other cars and it drives awesome.

This is exactly the car I wanted to built. I think its perfect to take the  LEGO parts on their limits and use many of different mechanical systems. The concept of the W12 Frontengine and the working clutch, was the biggest problems me. The changes to an Audi A8 would be easy ;)

If you interested, please watch my videos on youtube. In the videos you find more technical informations.


I hope you enjoy

GT Mechanicmaniac