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Mini Moke Mk I


My LEGO Mini Moke Mk1 is around 700 blocks (optimized could be even less than 500, so likely to be cheaper than other LEGO cars), quite easy to build with mainly straight shapes, so probably would be ideal por everyone over 8 or 10 years old. The perfect addition to the existing Mini Cooper, Ferrari F40, VW bug, Caterham 7 and Volkswagen T1 sets, as they are all the same scale.

The 'Beach-Buggy-Mini', very popular in several tropical areas and in Portugal, South Africa, New Zeland and Australia (where they where built), features detailed engine bay and interior (the few details the original car had :), reclining seats, spare wheel, handholds, shock absorbers, mirrors, fuel cap...

Hope you like it! Thanks for your time! 

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