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Burlington Northern / Furx Gp40-2 Locomotive Whit Tank Cars In Minifigure Scale

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The last time Lego made a detailed train for AFOLs and TFOLs was back in 2013 when they made the horizon express. If you want train in your city that is realistic and detailed this would be a great way to get it. There are rumors that Lego is making a new crocodile train, but it is not official.


The set would have a detailed drivers cabin and it would be designed in a way that it is easily motorizable. The model has 892 parts most of them are green and black. The locomotive would have a logo on it’s side and front were it should be. The set wouldn’t came whit train track to make the price lower. The model shown in the pictures has PF because if I build it I will use that system just because I have it, but it is easily convert-able to the new PU system.The set wouldn't came whit the magnetic couplers. It uses 2 by 3 modified plates as connections between to the wagons. This is to lower the cost and this is the system that I use. If buyers want to use the magnets the can buy the older styled magnets and put them on the modified plates. The set would include tank cars

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