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Ninjago Advent Calendar

Dear Ninjago and Lego Fans,

This is a proposal for a Ninjago-themed Lego Advent Calendar, with an assortment of models showing the Ninja we all know and love celebrating the holidays. I’ve created concept models for every day of the calendar, but when voting, keep in mind that these are just concepts—if produced as a set, they would not necessarily need to match these concepts perfectly, and I trust that the Lego product designers might even be able to improve on some of my designs.

I have individual pictures and descriptions of each day's model on Flickr. Please look at them to get a better idea of the kind of variety a Ninjago Advent Calendar has to offer!

Full Photoset

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Day 1 - Kai

Day 2 - Anvil

Day 3 - Toy Mech

Day 4 - Weapon Rack

Day 5 - Zane

Day 6 - Snowball Catapult

Day 7 - Toy Helicopter

Day 8 - Snowman

Day 9 - Cole

Day 10 - Punching Bag

Day 11 - Toy Driller

Day 12 - Lamppost

Day 13 - Jay

Day 14 - Video Game

Day 15 - Toy Jet

Day 16 - Fireplace

Day 17 - Lloyd

Day 18 - Presents

Day 19 - Toy Trike

Day 20 - Christmas Tree

Day 21 - Nya

Day 22 - Tea and Cookies

Day 23 - Sleigh

Day 24 - Sensei Claus

Being a seasonal item, it would be ideal if this project reached review well in advance of next year's holiday season. I encourage you to share this with fellow Lego or Ninjago fans so that this project can reach 10,000 supporters!

—Lyichir, Project Creator

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