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Game Boy Color (GBC)


This is GAME BOY color. (GBC)

This portable game machine released at 1998 by Nintendo.

It is the sequel of Game Boy which was released at 1989.

It was the most wanted item at 1990's for kids.

It can play game by equip the game pack on the top of the game boy color.

And you can enjoy a lot of games if you have a lot of game pack. For example, pokemon, mario, etc. . .


I am trying to express the GBA's detail.

Size : 80 mm x 15 mm x 130 mm

1. Power light.

2. Moving button.

3.B,A button.

4.GAME BOY color symbol

5. Select, start button.

6. Speaker.

7. Game pack. : As you see, you can change the game pack by 5 1x8 printing tile.


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