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Peaceful Serenity

This diorama LEGOifies a peaceful scene of a hermit meditating under a lush sakura bonsai tree, surrounded by a steadily flowing stream populated by water lilies. It leans toward Japan's more traditional and relaxing side and depicts the beauty of rural Japanese life and culture.

This is, what you may call, a bittersweet project for me, in the sense that it tortured me on occasion, but the result was far better than what I had envisioned in my head, I know it is not perfect, but I am extremely proud of this. Talking about the build, the hermit was a fun experience, being as it was my first time actually using wedge plates to create angles and I think, in the end, it looks great. The tree was another story entirely, believe it or not, this was not the second, not the third, not the fourth, but the sixth version of the tree that I came up with, and it was no easier then either, but being as it may, it was really fun to build at the end, putting in all the details and the leaves... And the landscape ties it all together with the stream, the mini sakura and the fallen blossoms, bringing that peaceful atmosphere into the scene. Aaaaaand, as age-long traditions and customs dictate, I have added LEGO frogs to the diorama! (try and spot them).

If you like this build and appreciate the work put into it, please consider supporting the project and sharing it with your friends, it would mean the world to me if your contributions helped make this project a reality!


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