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This is my first car model on LEGO Ideas - the legendary Swedish SAAB 92! 

In 1938, the Saab factory was built in Trollhattan Sweden. At this time, they were not an automobile manufacturer. With World War II on the horizon, the Royal Swedish Air Force was in need of aircraft. On September 1, 1939 war broke out and Saab built bombers and fighters.

Saab 92 is the first production automobile from Saab. The design was very aerodynamic for its time, with a drag coefficient of 0.30 (an impressive figure even by today's standards). The entire body was stamped out of one piece of sheet metal and then cut to accommodate doors and windows. Full-scale production started December 12, 1949.

All early Saab 92s were painted in a dark green colour similar to British racing green. According to some sources, Saab had a surplus of green paint from wartime production of airplanes.

The engine was a transversely mounted, water-cooled two-cylinder, two-stroke engine based on a DKW design, giving a top speed of 105 kilometres per hour (65 mph). 

Saab's rally history already started two weeks after the 92 was released, when Saab's head engineer Rolf Mellde entered the Swedish Rally and came second in his class.

PS. Again Anduin1710 has rendered my model. Please visit Anduin1710 and support his absolutely fantastic Lord of the Rings projects! He is a Master of Elvish Architecture.

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