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Oil and Battery Store


Hello Lego Fans and the Lego Team. I have changed my original design to this new look for my Lego idea Page and the voters to vote on. Does your Lego Vechiles need new oil or new car Batteries. Then come on in to Oil and Battery Store and get the Items you need to keep your Lego Vechiles running. There are three parts to this idea of mine and I will explain it all. The First Part is  a building, inside the building you have 12 different brands of oil on one side of the building on a shelf, on the other side you have 12 different colors  of Batteries on a shelf for your vechile, a Cash draw and register, a keyboard, a giftcard/credit card reader, 4$100. different collors, a credit card, a gift card, a cashier, a stocking person with scanner, a camera inside the store, a scale to weigh the battery, a receipt printer, a time clock, a telephone and telephone holder, a walkie talkie and holder. a door, a window. On the Outside of the building you have the blue roof, with 5 security cameras, and a flag pole with blue and yellow flag on it. The second part of the set is the tarred driveway with curbs and a Car Charging Station. This has a ,computer with keyboard, a mini stick to turn on the charging station, a stick with three lights on it to tell if it is working, a power meter/ charging meter, a credit card reader and a receipt printer. On the Third Part of the set you have a the other half of the Driveway with curbs, a driveway sign that says "Oil" on it because i could not fit the Battery part into the sign,  you have a security camera with holder, a ATM sign, two ATM cards, a ATM Machine that comes with a Money Safe, Computer with keyboard, light a Bank card reader, a !00 bill, and a receipt printer, and two green bricks. I built this new set today while i had to wait to see what i was going to be doing today. This idea for a set was easy to make and would be fun for all ages and for everyone. I hope you will tell your friends and relatives that you voted on "Oil and Battery Store and Thanks. "Have a Great Day".

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