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Classic Chess Set

Chess is one of the oldest strategy games in the world, and arguably the best known of all. With this fully playable chess set, the classic game is combined with the joy of Lego.

This is a complete chess set with the board and all the pieces, and an extra queen for each player in case a pawn gets promoted. Each piece is designed to resemble official tournament pieces as closely as possible, and to be easily distinguiashable from eachother. The pieces can be loosely attached to the board on each starting square, making storage easier. This however does not affect the playability.

The chess set is fully playable, and has been tested and used for many games of chess by the creator. The playability is as good as a wooden chess set, with the added benefit of getting to assembe the set yourself.

I designed this set because I love chess and I love building with Lego. With this set I hope to share the joy of Chess with Lego enthusiasts around the world.

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