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Live Concert


Hi everyone,this is my Live Concert set.

I created it because I think that Lego needs a set of a live concert, a big one, instead of the small Lego Friends sets.

I think that it could be a nice set, because it's a never seen and it's innovative.

There is a dais for the rock band, a mixer for the audio technicians, a bin and a drums set.

There is a brick built drum set. You can find all the most important parts of a standard drums set: a crash and a ride cymbal, a hi-hat, a snare drum, a floor tom, two toms and a kick drum. There are also some microphones to amplify the drums sound.

There are lots of black blocks to symbolize speakers and amplifiers.
There are also some lights to light up the fans and the band (every light can rotate and change its angle).There is a mixer for the technician, and there are with two chairs.

There are nine minifigures.

In order they are: a drummer,a singer,a guitarist,two audio technicians,a photographer,two fans and a manager.

Note: I think that the technicians needs a print on the back of the torso with a white "STAFF" print.

Please let me know in the comments every suggestions or questions! I always read comments,even if I do not reply!

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