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O - 12 Spacecraft Carrier

I had more time left after I have built the H-11 Cosmos, so I've decided yet again, to make another spaceship. I call this O - 12 Carrier. I made tiny ships to resemble how big of a size this spaceship will be in comparison to other ones. It has 8 micro-ships, 4 side commander ships, and the mothership. I've decided that I wanted to make this spaceship with a different color. A color that barely no one will think of. So I decided to choose only green and gray. This made an interesting contrast in color, and it made it clearer to see. this contains about 1300 pieces, and the mothership is more than a foot longer. 

I might also release a bird creation. some time soon. I will keep building spaceships. And I will sometimes post other non-spaceship related creations. 

I'm donutsmasher, I post weekly spaceships!. Stay tuned if you want to see more, and make sure you check out all my other spaceships! See you in the next one!

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